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The Center remains an accessible institution in the heart of the community, a place that provides services and support for those individuals in need.


Our Programs

The Jonathan Street Community Outreach Center is a coordinating place located on the northeast side of Hagerstown that increases the accessibility of services to and build community awareness of the social and economic needs of families around the community.

Wounded Families Program 

(Established 2011)

Developed to address the wounds in the family for complete healing to occur.

While the program began as a Wounded Women's Program, It expanded to include Wounded Men and the entire family.

Life In Focus Outreach

(Certified 2011)

Certified to train a variety of life skills, under the National Life In Focus Education Program by Rod Carpenter Of Corpus Christi, TX, and address 12 Core Areas


(Established 2012)

Created by Dr. Pamela Parson to empower the community by teaching ways in which the community can tackle the national drug epidemic.

Addictions Education Program is known as Parson's Alcohol Chemical Training Services (P.A.C.T.S)

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