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The Jonathan Street Community Outreach Center is launching a Capital Campaign Project to raise $750,000 plus for the purposes of:


Objective 1: To build a comprehensive community center that offers an exclusive and safe space, where the whole community are encouraged and supported to grow and thrive


Objective 2:  To provide a primary place of resident contact for families struggling with socio-economic issues such as mental health, healthcare, lack of stable jobs and other conditions that disproportionately impact low-income families


Objective 3: To maintain and restore a civic presence in Historic Hagerstown as we restore a community center that was once a legacy (built in 1864) to provide a welcoming and comforting space for people in the community


Objective 4: To assist local and state officials with facilitated services that help educate and sustain the population to foster an even stronger sense of community


Objective 5: To provide equal opportunity and respect to people in under-served portions of the local community and beyond


Objective 6:  Create a small endowment fund to handle emergencies and to protect the legacy of The Jonathan Street Community Outreach Center over the long haul.  

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